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BELIZE, an English-speaking country in the heart of Central America.

Since attaining independence from Britain in 1981, Belize has been endeavoring to diversify its economy away from the agricultural sector. Belize, therefore, saw the international financial services sector as a window of opportunity where it could seek to achieve competitive advantage.

International Business Companies Act

In 1990, Belize enacted the International Business Companies Act based on the British Virgin Islands model.

In a short space of ten years, Belize has registered more than 15,000 IBC’s. Belize’s IBC legislation is viewed internationally as one of the most modern and user-friendly. It is particularly designed with the offshore investor in mind.

A Belizean IBC is an ideal corporate vehicle for international financial transactions and allows the investor to engage in a wide variety of activities ranging from asset protection to operating bank accounts, brokerage accounts, ship ownership, commission arrangements and various other commercial transactions.

The IBC legislation was supplemented in 1992 with the enactment of a Trusts Act which provides for both onshore and offshore trusts. Universally acknowledged as one of the best in the field, Belize’s trust law contains provisions that are specialty designed to meet the needs of differing and diverse cultures and religions.

Investment vehicles

Belize now offers a full menu of investment vehicles designed to meet the needs of sophisticated investors around the world. As the range of services has widened, Belize has become a more convenient place to do business. It has truly become a “full service” jurisdiction – “a One-Stop Shop” (as it were).

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