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For more, than 100-year history the technological company many times overhauled its business. Electric tabulators at the beginning of creation, punched machines later, small arms during World War II, antimissile defense systems and, at last, the computer era in the fifties. All transformations led to growth of business and now we can see the next round of development of the giant, which shift technologies to cloud.

The market correction is driven by external factors

The market correction is driven by external factors

In early March the Republican Party presented a Health Bill, which should replace the current one also called Obamacare.

• Finalization of the market correction
• Maintaining demand for defensive equity against inflation (gold, bonds, utilities sector)

The markets this year actively rise. However, and gold price also rise. Moreover, growth rates of gold ETF SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) lags behind wide market for only 1%; and a
week ago it was outperforming. We wait for extending growth of gold price.

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